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Feb. 2nd, 2010

The Bright Family: Legacy Profiles

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Generation TwoCollapse )

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Idea and layout borrowed from imaginepageant's Foxworth Legacy. This page will be updated throughout the legacy.

The Bright Family: Generation Four Continues.Collapse )

The next update will probably be after I finish putting Generation 4 through university, which should be by the end of next week. Until then, happy simming. :)
I need help choosing an heir. I really wanted to be caught up on the updates before I did this, but I need to make a decision before I can keep playing, and I would have had to post an update of close to 200 photos to catch up. This is the heir of generation 4 we're talking about. I'm going to post the photos of the kids as young adults without their names or stats (don't want to ruin ALL the surprises) and you tell me which number you think will make the prettiest kids.

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Jan. 20th, 2007

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What?! An actual legacy update??? There will probably be another one within a week, cause for once I'm actually caught up on the photos.
This is my version of the 30 Peanut St. challenge that was posted in simliving back in October. I know everyone else posted their versions months ago there, but somehow I missed it, and it was such a fun idea that I wanted to do my own.

Here's my version of 30 Peanut St.Collapse )

It's not as fancy as some of the ones that were posted before, but I'm really happy with how it turned out. :)
I got Pets in the mail yesterday! But then after I installed it, I spent THREE HOURS trying to get it to open. It kept crashing on the "load family" screen. Eventually, after I took out all of my custom content (including the Gunmod light system) I figured out that it was the house I was trying to open (a custom one that I've had since before I had any EPs). Sooo tonight I get to go through ALL of my custom content, and slowly put it back into the game. I guess it'll be a good excuse to try and weed some of it out...

On the plus side, it was totally worth it for the pets. I made my first "pet". It's a simmie version of my dog Nina. Here are some pictures of my sim self (sporting the maxis look), and her new doggy Nina.


My favourite thing so far about the pets is something you can't see in the photos, the way they're annimated. The tail wagging is bang on.

Unfortunately, now my sim self is sorta homeless. So if anyone wants to donate a new house for her to live in (or link me to some nice ones), I'm sure she wouldn't complain. ^_^